Campaigns for Betsy

Background: In one class, we were challenged to come up with and create a project that the Plank Center could use as a fundraising event for years to come (a hypothetical situation, not actually used by the organization).

The Plank Center works to help develop and recognize public relations leaders, role models, and mentors to help advance the industry and society. The center was founded in honor of Betsy Plank, who mentored students at Alabama and influential people in the PR industry during her lifetime.

The group I participated in decided to create Campaigns for Betsy, a contest that would allow different PRSSA chapters across the country to participate in. The chapters would create fundraisers that were unique to their college and submit the fundraising idea and how effective it was to the Plank Center Board of Directors for a competition. The winners would then have the opportunity to meet different members if their fundraiser was chosen as the winner.

Contributions and Highlights: My primary roles in this project included:

  • Logo creation
  • Design Aspects
  • Proof Reading

Campaigns for Betsy


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