Background: The Glomerata is Auburn University’s yearbook, and my senior year I was privileged to serve as Editor-in-Chief. The cover was a design that I sketched and worked with a representative from Herff Jones (the printing company) to clean up and perfect. The design now hangs in Village Dining on Auburn’s campus.

During my time as Editor, I had the chance to lead a staff of twenty-six students and align their creative ideas with the overall vision for the yearbook. While at times it was challenging and other times fun, it lead me to learn how to lead and how to have a personal connection with people different than me. I also had the chance to learn how to allocate a budget effectively, how to design from scratch a 452-page publication, and how to balance my time between class projects and the book.

Contributions and Highlights:

  • Original concept and theme
  • Cover design
  • Design layout
  • Photography (assisted in choosing for layouts shown, took photographs for other spreads)
  • Materials used in print
  • Planned distribution

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